Sat, Nov 7, Starting a Community or School Garden [read more]

This Urban Harvest 5-hour workshop is for anyone who wants to build a home or school garden. Sat Nov. 7, 8:30 am to 2:30 PM, Univ. of St. Thomas. Cost: $20. Call 713-880-5540 for more information, required preregistration, and exact location at Univ. of St. Thomas.
Instructors Erin Eriksen, Melanie Pang, Jean Fefer, and Daniel Millikin will cover all essential territory to start your garden. They are all respected and experienced gardeners. Bring your own sack lunch. How to get funding for your project and a Tour of a Plant It Forward Farm are included.


2 Responses to “Sat, Nov 7, Starting a Community or School Garden [read more]”
  1. Deanna says:

    I just now found your website and missed the class on how to start making my own home garden. Is there a way to get the information since it’s already past?


    • Laurel Smith says:

      Deanna, luckily, Urban Harvest repeats his class about quarterly. Check for list of upcoming classes, or call them at 713-880-5540.

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