Jul ’16- Start your Fall Garden in July-Aug w/ the Demenys

So, it’s always a fun & informative meeting when Mary and Roger Demeny teach us their techniques and and talk about what they are growing now and in the coming months. Mary is a Master Gardener and has been gardening for 66 years! Mary kicked it off with her seven tips for a successful garden […]

June ’16- Permaculture Farm Apprentice & Organic Garden Installer Andrew Cobb

This month Andrew Cobb will present on his apprenticeship at the Possibility Alliance (PA), a electric free and low petroleum permaculture farm in Missouri. At the farm they cooked by wood fire, made wattle fences from the forest, raised animals, and hosted visitors looking to learn about nonviolent living. The PA operated on the gift […]

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Laurel’s Garden June

So, we’ve replaced the soaker hoses in the irrigation system replaced with this dripline tubing with built in emitters every 12″ inches. An easy DIY product that reviewers say can last up to 20 years! We finished the project Memorial Day Weekend but have yet to turn it on. It would be a shame if we didn’t even […]

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