Laurel’s Garden in August

So, we still have long beans. Lots and lots of long beans. And basil. The other current producer is a cucuzzi squash. This is in the gourd family not susceptible to squash vine borers. You can pick it green or let it mature for a while as it becomes butternut-like. But too long, and you’ve […]

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Salad of foraged garden weeds.

Aug ’16- Tossed Salad: Edible Weeds You’ve Been Throwing Out!

Mark Vorderbruggen, aka Merriwether, spends his weekends exploring the wilds of┬áHouston. Since the Fall of 2008, he’s been teaching teaching edible wild plant classes at the Houston Arboretum and other parks and nature preserves around Texas. His website,, contains the names and pictures of edible wild plants found in the surprisingly large tracts of […]

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