May 14 HUG – SPIN Farming in Houston.

 SPIN farming in Houston – Join Joseph Stark, owner of Greater Heights-based Eureka Acres Urban Farm, for a discussion on growing in other people’s front & back yards, the challenges faced in his first year growing and where the business is headed next. The program will begin at 6:30. Bring food to share, and items […]

Getting Started Growing your Own Food

Most of this is adapted from Master Gardener Mary Demeny’s  Tips for a successful garden in our area & Starting Your Fall Garden in July talk at HUG. Easiest crops for the new gardener:  Greens, long beans, sweet potatoes, Okra.  Maybe peppers. But the last two will need a lot of sun and Okra needs a lot […]

April 9 HUG – Environmental Impact of Our Food

For Earth Month – Our local practioner of Regenerative Agriculture, Glen Miracle of Laughing Frog Farm, will talk about the environmental damage caused by our big agriculture & food systems. And about better ways. At Laughing Frog Farm, Glen practices permaculture, biodynamics and Holistic Pasture Manament, rotating sheep, chickens and vegetable crops mimicking nature as […]