Preparing & Preserving the Pat Greer Way!

Pat Greer specializes in healthy raw vegan food. She sells prepared foods in her shop and at farmer’s markets, caters and years ago, founded Houston’s Oldest Organic Food Co-op–Central City Co-op.

Pat makes a variety of fruit, nut & veggie-based cookie and cracker alternatives using a food processor and food-dehydrator.  She shared tips on how she prepares her snacks & meals.  Just in time for us to use up some of our summer harvests!

So, we learned how to prepare Krackers,& Kookies with a food processor and dehydrator or oven.  I especially loved the idea of turning your leftover salad into Krackers, and leftover smoothies into kookies.  She then talked a bit about fermenting, freezing and pickling.

And she shared a handout with recipes! Find it here.

Hopefully, I’ll write more here soon.  And share the Zoom recording which needs editing.  There were a lot of issues as Pat spent some time in the kitchen doing demonstrations, but the WIFI connection there wasn’t great. But the demos were worth it.