)ct ’16- Reclamation Gardening w/ Will Sanders of DragonHorse Organics

Oct 10, 2016

Will Sanders of Dragon Horse Organics will talk about his farm & his version of Reclamation Gardening. Find out what he means by that.  (Hint. It saves $$)  And he’ll be bringing Horse Manure!

Will Sanders, of DragonHorse Organics (an organic micro-farm in the 5th Ward) – will present a small lecture about his version of Reclamation Gardening – or how to repurpose things commonly found in other people’s trash.

This is the 5th garden space Will has had since 2002. Started in 2014, during his spare time, Will collected almost everything needed to set up a 1/2 acre of garden/growing space across a year’s span. If he had to go fast and spend money, Will estimates about 3 weeks and 20,000 for materials.

Will will be showing some of the structures he’s made and talking about sources of reclaimed materials. Attendees will receive a 2 pound bag of aged horse manure.

Why  garden? “It rebalances my brain, every day – as the regular job breaks my brain!”

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