May 8 HUG – Foodscape Revolution author Brie Arthur

  Brie Arthur is in town visiting nurseries and gardens to promote her Foodscape movement and book, The Foodscape Revolution. Brie encourages gardeners to rethink their green spaces with Foodscaping–pairing edibles with ornamental landscapes. Featured on the PBS television show Growing a Greener World, the Foodscape movement incorporates sustainable, local food production within the community. Her first book, […]

April HUG – Rainwater for your Garden

Every gardener will tell you rain is the best water for our plants. Nell will answer all our questions on collecting & using rainwater. Did you know that a 1,000 square foot roof can capture over 600 gallons in a 1″ rainfall? How big a system do you need? How to keep it clean & […]

March ’17- Microgreens

How to grow MicroGreens for Fun & Profit 😉 Last month, HUG member James Hinton talked to us about the benefits of microgreens & about his new microgreen business Life Extension Organics. Microgreens are baby plants, harvested right about when they sprout their first true leaves. They differ from sprouts in that sprouts are harvested […]

Feb ’17-Your Spring/Summer Garden w/ the Demeny’s

Mary & Roger are back again with their tips on successful gardening & your spring & summer garden.  How many of you started your tomato seeds as instructed in December?  Well, now & over the next few months, it’s time to start quite a few of our summer crops.  And who wants to bet me […]

Jan ’17- Winter Farming in Houston w/ Tommy Garcia-Prats

The Monday after our first hard freeze in 4 years, Tommy Garcia-Prats of  spoke to us about his experience & progress as a new young farmer after 2 1/2 years at Finca Tres Robles urban farm in Houston’s Eastside. Tommy spoke about his mission to prove farming is an economically viable enterprise that provides great value to the […]

Dec ’16- Holiday Social & Potluck & Show & Tell

Gardeners have the best potlucks! Bring a dish to share, your own cups, plates, utensils to help reduce waste.  Mary & Roger Demeny will be telling us when to start our tomatoes (Hint, it’s real soon) and share her favorite varieties for this area. Meetings are at six thirty at the West Gray Multi-Service Center. Bring […]

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Ray Sher on Foodscaping Your Home

Ray Sher led a conversation about Foodscaping our homes, followed by some basics of healthy soil. Ray grows a lot of food at his home in a nicely Foodcaped yard filled with fruit trees and vegetable growing beds all around his corner lot.  Except in his back yard, all beds are wavy, flowing natural shapes which is what […]

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)ct ’16- Reclamation Gardening w/ Will Sanders of DragonHorse Organics

Oct 10, 2016 Will Sanders of Dragon Horse Organics will talk about his farm & his version of Reclamation Gardening. Find out what he means by that.  (Hint. It saves $$)  And he’ll be bringing Horse Manure! Will Sanders, of DragonHorse Organics (an organic micro-farm in the 5th Ward) – will present a small lecture […]

June ’16- Permaculture Farm Apprentice & Organic Garden Installer Andrew Cobb

This month Andrew Cobb will present on his apprenticeship at the Possibility Alliance (PA), a electric free and low petroleum permaculture farm in Missouri. At the farm they cooked by wood fire, made wattle fences from the forest, raised animals, and hosted visitors looking to learn about nonviolent living. The PA operated on the gift […]

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Apr ’16-Scott Howard: Home and Market Gardening

At our April 11th monthly HUG meeting, Scott Howard, who serves on the board of Urban Harvest and co-chairs the Houston Food Policy WorkGroup, graciously joined us for a conversation on home and market gardening. He discussed his donation garden for the Loaves & Fishes soup kitchen, his new venture into market gardening, his gardening […]

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