Feb 11 HUG – Cuttings & Propagation

Mickey Kleinhenz will teach us about propagating cuttings & other ways to scavenge, multiply or share plants with our friends & neighbors. Monday at the West Gray Multiservice Center. The program will begin at 6:30. Bring food to share, and items for door prizes ( plants, garden & food-related books & the like). Also, I’d […]

July 9 HUG – Planning Your Fall Garden & Hope Farms

Time to plan, shop & in some cases, start seeds. If you want broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage & other slow growers by Thanksgiving, you have to start the seeds in summer so they’ll grow while the days are long. And if you want fall tomatoes, peppers, squash, etc, now is the time to start them […]

June 11 HUG – Permaculture & Texas Edible Landscapes

Permaculture for urban landscapes with Josh Reynolds of Texas Edible Landscapes. We will discuss the 3 ethics and 12 principles of Permaculture as well as some techniques that can be used in the urban landscape.https://txediblelandscapes.com The program will begin at 6:30. Bring food to share, and items for door prizes ( plants, garden & food-related […]

May 14 HUG – SPIN Farming in Houston.

 SPIN farming in Houston – Join Joseph Stark, owner of Greater Heights-based Eureka Acres Urban Farm, for a discussion on growing in other people’s front & back yards, the challenges faced in his first year growing and where the business is headed next. The program will begin at 6:30. Bring food to share, and items […]

April 9 HUG – Environmental Impact of Our Food

For Earth Month – Our local practioner of Regenerative Agriculture, Glen Miracle of Laughing Frog Farm, will talk about the environmental damage caused by our big agriculture & food systems. And about better ways. At Laughing Frog Farm, Glen practices permaculture, biodynamics and Holistic Pasture Manament, rotating sheep, chickens and vegetable crops mimicking nature as […]

Microbes & the soil food web

Mar 12 HUG – Compost & Microbes w/ Daniel Millikin

Daniel Millikin of the Hermann Park Conservancy is back to talk about all kinds of composting. And how to help the soil microbes fetch the nutrients needed to help your plants grow.  The nutrients are out there…

Feb 12 HUG – Bare Root Fruit Trees at Wabash

Dianne Norman of Wabash Feed will talk about the value & varieties of bare root trees, shrubs & vines available at Wabash now. Get them now & save $$ before they leaf out & have to be planted at which time they will become more expensive. Interesting varieties & how to care for them. The program […]

Jan 8 HUG – Fruit Trees w/ Dr Bob Randall

  Get prepared for upcoming fruit tree sales. Urban Harvest founder Dr. Bob Randall will tell us about the best varieties for our area. The program will begin at 6:30. Bring food to share, a drink, plate, utensil and items for the door prize ( plants, garden & food related books & the like).

Nov 13 HUG – Tomatoes & Show & Tell with the Demenys

At this month’s meeting, Mary & Roger will talk tomato varieties & tips so you can shop and be ready to start seeds in late Dec/early Jan.  And then be ready with your gardening tip to share.  Because we are going around the circle, sparing no one. The program will begin at 6:30. Bring food to […]

Oct 9 HUG – Soil Science & Organic Practices at McGovern Centennial Gardens

Daniel Millikin will tell us about soil science and other organic horticulture techniques as practiced at the McGovern Centennial Gardens. A few of us got a tour with Danny where it seemed like they solved almost all problems with compost tea!. They also practiced a composting method I had never heard of that was utilized […]