Houston Urban Gardeners (HUG) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are proud to be inclusive and open to the public. Our meetings are free; you don’t have to be a member. At our meetings we give away snacks, coffee, tea and door prizes. We appreciate attendees who bring snacks, refreshments and door prizes. Of course, […]

Where We Meet: Moody Park Community Center, 3725 Fulton St.


We are temporarily meeting at Moody Park Community Center, 3725 Fulton St., Houston, 77009. The MultiService Center on W. Gray suffered a broken water main during one of the last storms, and the building is closed until it is completely repaired and cleaned up. As soon as the repairs are done, we will be able […]

HUG’s Mission and Purpose


The purpose of HUG is to fully support Houstonians growing their own food and eating more fresh local produce. We do this with timely presentations at monthly meetings, an informative website (, a free, content-packed monthly e-newsletter, a Twitter and Facebook page, and a yearly home garden visitation event. To foster neighborhood interactions at every […]

Laurel's Garden

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    Summer Gardening in Houston

    In spite of my gardening helper going outside twice a week to water, the vegetable garden looks very dry. About a month ago when it looked this dry, I discovered that someone had turned off the water to the irrigation system. So this time I again checked on the irrigation system. I found that there […]