Houston Urban Gardeners (HUG) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are proud to be inclusive and open to the public. Our meetings are free; you don’t have to be a member. At our meetings we give away snacks, coffee, tea and door prizes. We appreciate attendees who bring snacks, refreshments and door prizes. Of course, […]

Where We Meet: MultiService Center, 1475 W. Gray

Multiserv center

We are once again meeting at the Metropolitan MultiService Center, 1475 West Gray, Houston, 77019. The phone is 832-345-7333. A sign at the front says Closed, but only the swimming pool is closed. The center is located in Montrose, between Dunlavy and Waugh Drive. Coming from I-10, exit Heights/Yale and go south – they both […]

HUG’s Mission and Purpose


The purpose of HUG is to fully support Houstonians growing their own food and eating more fresh local produce. We do this with timely presentations at monthly meetings, an informative website (, a free, content-packed monthly e-newsletter, a Twitter and Facebook page, and a yearly home garden visitation event. To foster neighborhood interactions at every […]

Laurel's Garden

  • Gardening in October

    Garden ToDos: Refer back to lessons learned from HUGger Mary Demeny. But in short, it’s time to seed beets, radishes, chard, cilantro, green peas, spinach, turnips. And if you didn’t do it in August or September: dill, parsley, carrots, arugula, lettuce, leeks & onions and any brassicas.  And to add mulch again to help protect […]

  • Laurel’s Garden in August

    So, we still have long beans. Lots and lots of long beans. And basil. The other current producer is a cucuzzi squash. This is in the gourd family not susceptible to squash vine borers. You can pick it green or let it mature for a while as it becomes butternut-like. But too long, and you’ve […]

  • Laurel’s Garden July

    The garden actually looks great for July. Surprisingly, there have been few problem with insects.  The towers of long beans are lovely.  The Juliet Grape tomato is hanging in with a few tomatoes still ripening.  One Cucuzi Squash/Gourd plant covers most of the ground and a lot of fence with it’s long vines. It just […]

  • Laurel’s Garden: Doves are Cooing

    Laurel’s Garden March 2016 We have been enjoying our delightful weather with daily highs in the afternoons of 70s or low 80s and morning temperatures in the 50s or 60s. Most days the sun is out and it is gorgeous outside. The occasional rain makes this perfect weather for growing many vegetables, both for the […]