Houston Vegetable Gardening 101

This is short list of tips for those new to growing in our area. Most of this work-in-progress is from the top of my head, so includes resources I am most familiar with. Apologies to those I’ve left off. Soil Raised BedsBecause most of us have clay soil, most of us build raised beds. This […]

Getting Started Growing your Own Food

Most of this is adapted from Master Gardener Mary Demeny’s  Tips for a successful garden in our area & Starting Your Fall Garden in July talk at HUG. Easiest crops for the new gardener:  Greens, long beans, sweet potatoes, Okra.  Maybe peppers. But the last two will need a lot of sun and Okra needs a lot […]

Gardening in January

Garden ToDos: If you want to grow tomatoes from seed, you must start them now & protect them until all chances of a freeze are past.  Also, be shopping for your squash, cucumber & pepper seeds. You’ll want to start them in March.As for what else to plant, refer back to lessons learned from HUGger Mary […]

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Gardening in October

Garden ToDos: Refer back to lessons learned from HUGger Mary Demeny. But in short, it’s time to seed beets, radishes, chard, cilantro, green peas, spinach, turnips. And if you didn’t do it in August or September: dill, parsley, carrots, arugula, lettuce, leeks & onions and any brassicas.  And to add mulch again to help protect […]

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Laurel’s Garden in August

So, we still have long beans. Lots and lots of long beans. And basil. The other current producer is a cucuzzi squash. This is in the gourd family not susceptible to squash vine borers. You can pick it green or let it mature for a while as it becomes butternut-like. But too long, and you’ve […]

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Laurel’s Garden July

The garden actually looks great for July. Surprisingly, there have been few problem with insects.  The towers of long beans are lovely.  The Juliet Grape tomato is hanging in with a few tomatoes still ripening.  One Cucuzi Squash/Gourd plant covers most of the ground and a lot of fence with it’s long vines. It just […]

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Jul ’16- Start your Fall Garden in July-Aug w/ the Demenys

So, it’s always a fun & informative meeting when Mary and Roger Demeny teach us their techniques and and talk about what they are growing now and in the coming months. Mary is a Master Gardener and has been gardening for 66 years! Mary kicked it off with her seven tips for a successful garden […]

Laurel’s Garden June

So, we’ve replaced the soaker hoses in the irrigation system replaced with this dripline tubing with built in emitters every 12″ inches. An easy DIY product that reviewers say can last up to 20 years! We finished the project Memorial Day Weekend but have yet to turn it on. It would be a shame if we didn’t even […]

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