Gardening in October

Garden ToDos:
Refer back to lessons learned from HUGger Mary Demeny. But in short, it’s time to seed beets, radishes, chard, cilantro, green peas, spinach, turnips. And if you didn’t do it in August or September: dill, parsley, carrots, arugula, lettuce, leeks & onions and any brassicas.  And to add mulch again to help protect roots through winter.

A couple of wintertime companion planting tips of mine: Plant your radishes amongst your slow growing brassicas. They’ll be ready to harvest by the time your bigger plants take over. Also, you can & should intercrop your onions with anything except legumes

Edible & beneficial flowers for cool season: alyssum, asters, calendula, dianthus, pansies & violas, borage.

What else? See also Urban Harvest’s planting guide for more crops.

What’s happening in Laurel’s Garden: Lady Bugs & Larvae 
We still have long beans. Lots and lots of long beans. And basil. And the monster cucuzzi squash. I have removed one really tall trellis full of beans in order to let in more light. I will start the dirty job of pulling the monster Cucuzzi squash & bean vines overgrowing the fence in order to let in more light as days get shorter. But already, the light gained has helped the eggplant & peppers that have been there all along.The first eggplants of the summer are ready to pick!. There are still two tomato towers & more fence covered in Long Beans still going strong. Did you know you can eat the greens of these as well? I shall try it. The vines have a lot of lady beetles & their larvae, many of which have started the metamorphosis process.I’m trying not to harm any, but need to clean up all those vines.Also planted are two tomato plants, and soon a few purchased brocoli & cabbage.  Pak Choy and other greens from last year have sprouted. (I let everything go to seed)

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