Gardening in January

Garden ToDos:
If you want to grow tomatoes from seed, you must start them now & protect them until all chances of a freeze are past.  Also, be shopping for your squash, cucumber & pepper seeds. You’ll want to start them in March.As for what else to plant, refer back to lessons learned from HUGger Mary Demeny and planting charts obtained from our Texas Agri-life Extension Service, Urban Harvest & local nurseries. You can seed just about all our winter crops for succession crops: beets, radishes, chard, cilantro, green peas, spinach, turnips. dill, parsley, carrots, arugula, lettuce, leeks & onions and any brassicas.  Have row cover handy to protect tiny sprouts in case we get a freeze. And to add mulch again to help protect roots through winter. A couple of wintertime companion planting tips of mine: Plant your radishes amongst your slow growing brassicas. They’ll be ready to harvest by the time your bigger plants take over. Also, you can & should intercrop your onions with anything except legumes.

Edible & beneficial flowers for cool season: alyssum, asters, calendula, dianthus, pansies & violas, borage. What else?

What’s happening in Laurel’s Garden:
Mostly very small brassicas, spinach, chard and the like with a few pickable clumps of arugula & cilantro. And the kale we keep going all year round along with various citrus trees & perennial herbs.  Long bean seeds sprouted everywhere. I’ve left some to see how they do in our so far mild winter.

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