Laurel’s Garden June

So, we’ve replaced the soaker hoses in the irrigation system replaced with this dripline tubing with built in emitters every 12″ inches. An easy DIY product that reviewers say can last up to 20 years! We finished the project Memorial Day Weekend but have yet to turn it on. It would be a shame if we didn’t even need it this year.

Long beans are looking beautiful. One trellis was planted early & we managed to work around it while replacing the irrigation. And they are producing already. I picked the first handful Tuesday.  The other trellises should be producing soon. We also have plenty of kale & chard that we plan to keep through summer and beyond.  A heat tolerant mild mustard commonly called mustard spinach that was grown last summer has volunteered in large amounts. I don’t know why we aren’t having that kind of luck with arugula.  It doesn’t want to grow.  Some Thai Basil survived the winter & reseeded itself a lot. I’ve given away many plants.  The fennel is going to seed. The seeds taste like candy!

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  1. Will Sanders says:

    Kudos for driplines ! I set up driplines for my squash after they ‘settled in’ after transplanting.

    Do you need some shade for your arugala?

    On a side note – I’ve set up a plant exchange event for 18 June – can you help me spread the word? The url with the info is : [T I A ! ]

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