March HUG – Microgreens

 How to grow MicroGreens for Fun & Profit. Just kidding. James grows them for health. James Hinton has always lived a life dedicated to health and fitness by lifestyle, personal training, nutrition programs and specializing in residential and commercial fitness equipment sales.

Around 2012, James noticed his brother and wife started to garden which interested him with the healthy foods they produced. James began his journey by starting his own garden which led to spending hundreds of hours researching on the Internet and reading books. In 2015, James obtained his Permaculture Design Certificate through Geoff Lawton PDC course. In 2016, Life Extension Organics was formed which aims to provide cutting edge innovations to maximize quality for agriculture. The first line of extending life is what is put inside the body with nutrient dense foods. Currently specializing in microgreens, other produce and innovations will be deployed in the future to extend life and prevent disease.

HUG meetings are the second Monday at six thirty at the West Gray Multi-Service Center. Bring food, plants to share & things for door prizes: gadgets, books, jam, plants…

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